The History of the Company

The Hosszú Eurotrans

Our company, the Hosszú Eurotrans, was established in 1994 as a privately owned company. In the beginning the main profile was based on a local furniture manufacturing company identifying the main scope of business. Reliability and punctuality are the minimal expected factors that count in this business sphere. Moreover the upholstered furniture needs special care because the deliveries are for direct costumers and as years went by we learned how to satisfy our clients’ needs. We started our business with 50m3 trucks but later our clients’ satisfaction enabled us to invest more and we expanded our fleet with 120m3 boxed body trucks.

These trucks have boxed body and specialized for the transportation of upholstered furniture and hanging clothes. Expanding our business volume and the range of clients enabled us to transport goods to almost every European Union country.

In 2004 further developments were made, trucks appeared in the fleet with 24 ton loading weight ( curtain sided, liftable roof, 3 meters inside height ) covering the whole territory of the European Union. This year meant a great breakthrough for the company investing more than 1 million € into trucks and maintenance service estates in order to stay competitive and reliable on the existing market.

Each truck is newly bought and thanks to our own service background and weekly check through reliable service can be provided at any time besides the flexible control.
Among our clients we can mention several foreign companies, domestic small and middle sized enterprises and multinational companies like General Electric.

As time went by our colleagues and drivers learned to fully satisfy our clients’ needs, provide up to date information about the locations of the trucks and solve any difficulty that may arise along the route.

The continuous improvement and maintenance of the fleet enables us to provide the best service anytime all over Europe.

In 2013 boxed ody trailers were added to our fleet with double level loading system, which enables us to carry 66 euro palettes instead of 33. This system reduces the cost of transport per palette.

Also in 2013 we developped our site by building a storage building for the truck parts, and two further buildings for the maintenance of the trucks, including diagnostic row and automatic truck wash system.


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